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We know how important it is to get fast affordable dental relief. Call or Book Now for $35 Emergency Dental Exams from Restore Complete Dental. Conveniently located off 23611 W Interstate 10 Frontage Rd #105, San Antonio, TX 78257.

Boerne / Leon Springs Emergency Dental Service

Our Same-Day, No Wait Boerne / Leon Springs Emergency Dental service Includes but is not limited to the following emergency dental procedures. Please call us now at 210-495-2000 if you are experiencing a dental emergency. Call 911 if it’s a medical emergency.


Broken Tooth

Did you bite down on something and hear an unfamiliar crunch? Bring in any large peices of tooth and we’ll repair it.


Call us and explain the tootchache problem you are experiencing and we’ll get you in, stop the pain and get you fixed.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you still have the missing tooth, place it in some milk, give us a call asap and bring it into the office with you. If not, come in anyway and we’ll help.

Object Stuck in Mouth

Try to dislodge the object with dental floss, do not use a sharp object. Contact us if the dental problem persists so we can remove the object and relieve your pain.

Broken Crown

Sometimes crowns break, fall out or both. And the older the crown the more likely it will cause an issue eventually. If you have crown issues and can save the crown, please bring it in during your visit. We’ll repair it or replace, whichever you choose. 


Other Dental Emergencies

Whether you were in a car wreck, fell down, hurt during sports or got in a fight with your inlaws, call us about your dental emergency and we’ll schedule you same day with no wait and get you and your mouth emergency resolved.

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